NordPath + is a project focused on the union of arts. We operate in the field of music, dance, drawing, design, lights art and visual art. Our goal is to get over the limits and seek out new interpretation through a fusion of different arts. 


SHAPE OF MOVING WAVES by InCapsula (Art Project)

SHAPE OF MOVING WAVES by InCapsula (Art Project)

The relationship between music and dance is the starting point of "shape of moving waves",  a concept created by InCapsula performance art.

InCapsula performance art is a duo formed by the dancer - choreographer Enrico Paglialunga and the composer - sound designer Giacomo Mattogno (Junction to humanity)

Based on the physics of sound’s principles, this piece investigates the reactions between musicians and dancers.

We are constantly surrounded by a multitude of different sound frequencies and intensities that generate a never-ending vibration-movement of particles that we are not able to see. Sound does not need a body to dance, its particles are already dancing in the space.

Movements and sounds travel the stage following pre-set parameters linked to a Cartesian plane represented on the floor. The space mediates between music and movement in a intricate dialogue that gives shape to the spherical movement of sound.

“Shape of moving waves” explores the utopie to invert the sound physics law. The music generates and propagates movement while the dance, as representation of particles, explores the transfiguration of sound in an attempt to achieve independence.

The eyes can finally see what the ears can hear.